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    Key Lime Parfait

    Key lime pie is a delicious and refreshing dessert. Our take on a key lime pie is light, healthy, and good enough to eat for breakfast. The Lime essential oil adds a richness in flavor and helps to support a healthy immune function.*

    1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
    ½ cup granola
    Zest and juice of 2 key limes
    2 drops Lime oil
    1 tablespoon honey (optional)

    Note: Key limes are naturally a lot smaller than regular limes. If you can't find key limes than replace with half of a regular lime.


    1. In a small bowl, add yogurt, lime zest, lime juice, Lime essential oil, and honey for added sweetness.
    2. In a tall cup or bowl, add one-third of the yogurt mixture to the bottom of cup and top with half of granola. Repeat layers until ingredients are gone.
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